Expanse RPG with some Modern Age, Cyberpunk Slice (new AGE system book) and home brew rules thrown in.

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Character Creation


Session Zero
- What do people want? Do you want to be murder hobos or are you interested in roll playing, etc.
- I’m interested in going sci-fi horror
- Let’s talk about boundaries
- Come up with at least one secret for your character
- Come up with at least one rumor about your character
- Come up with the name of the ship
- Why are you on the ship?

Campaign Start
My plan was to have everyone start out as members of a ships crew in the Belt. The ship is old and small. It can’t compete with newer and larger ships or the slow bulk caravans. The ship is in constant need of maintenance and the crew are always struggling to pay for repairs and fuel.

To supplement shipping and “odd jobs” the crew are reserve members of the Belter ARM (Amalgamated Regional Militia) unit. The Belt government will reimburse travel and other expenses and pay a small salary for helping investigate issues that come up. Odd jobs include bounty hunting.

The ship is owned by Capt. Lin. An old belter.


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